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May 14, 2009

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From: Mary Lou Gripshover [mailto: title=]
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To: Sara VanBeck
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Cheers to Donna for making all the flower arrangements that graced our dinner tables and the hotel lobby.  They were great!

Mary Lou

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Subject: [daffnet] FW: hotel lobby arrangements


More from Donna:



The first one was dubbed "The Cheese Plate" by Richard Ezell, who also said that there had been more cubes on the plate but people were eating them.  I hadn’t intended it to look like cheddar, but it did.  The "cheese" is "Rainbow" Oasis foam.


Second is a triangle design with daffodils and pincushion protea. 


Third is an "L" shaped design.  I look at it now and want to take it apart and do it over.

It’s just ok.


Donna Dietsch


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