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inquiry on behalf of someone interested in miniatures and minature species

May 3, 2009

Categories: Daffodil Types, Hybridizing, Miniatures, Seedling

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I had a phone call this morning from a lady that lives in NC and she could benefit from some mentoring.  She wants to grow miniatures and miniature species, and is especially interested in mini Div 6 and perhaps Div 5 as well.  I told her all about DaffSeek and how to research the ADS website, as well as other ADS resources.  Her name is Dottie and her e-mail address is:   title=

She told me she lives near Christmas something, NC and is in Zone 5.  I urged her to contact Beverly Barbour, as Dottie indicated she lives near Waynesville.  Of course I urged Dottie to join ADS.  If you can send an e-mail to Dottie and begin a dialogue with her, perhaps we will recruit a new member.  She had a list from Nancy Wilson (although I don’t know how current it was) and somehow knew of a Vinisky seedling she admired (but didn’t understand why it had a lot of numbers associated with it).  Dottie is on a personal mission to learn and just needs some direction.  If you have knowledge about minis and miniature species, and can help Dottie, it will be a positive effort.  You just never know who that newcomer will turn out to be…  the next Larry Force, the next Leone Low… 


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