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More about Convention Pins and Calendars

May 22, 2009

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Again, we have some calendars and pins left. Both are of excellent quality.
The pins are $2. It cost $.83 plus envelope, so this is a giveaway. Order more than one. 😎
Attached is a jpeg of the original artwork and a very bad scan of the pin. (It’s hard to take pics of shiny things, especially when you are in a hurry.) You can see that there is a very nice thin gold fill around each edge.
If you want a few (less than 10, say) order them at $2 each, postpaid to one address. It costs $1.43 plus envelope to mail one.
Use a check payable to ADS 2009 Convention. First, send me an email describing your order and I will respond with my address and an acknowledgement. That is how I want to keep track of the orders – one email from me per order, sent by me before I receive your check. Thanks.
A few folks have expressed interest in ordering more calendars to sell through their club. In this case, send an email to Franck Avril, the photographer and producer of the calendar. He sells them for $8.95 plus $2 S/H, but Franck is prepared to give a substantial discount for orders of 10 or more. See his nifty website at:
You may also see a pic of the cover and back cover of the calendar there. Also, look at the dahlia calendars Franck does. His photos of dahlias are stunning.
Franck and I are in contact on this and we hope to coordinate the disposition of the remaining calendars.
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