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..sorry to be so long with the info ….our season is just ending here now and I hope to make a few crosses and selections today.

I requested more info from my supplier but  it’s also his crazy busy season and there are many new developments in the field so I don’t have the latest yet.

I use a product called Leaf Shine  which is pure neem oil.  I mix in 1 part oil in 200 parts water. In the field and pots I use it as a heavy spray (about 80 gallons per acre) as a foliar spray for aphid control and hopefully some fly control.  This I try to do on a 10 day interval.

I have a lot of seedlings and special cultivars in pots so I drench these with the same solution only much heavier ….to the point of lots of runoff down the stems.  This I will try to do twice depending on fly sightings.

I haven’t tried the drench in the field yet….we seem to have had most of our fly problem in the pots. Knock on wood,  it seems to be working quite well but we are just coming up to our fly season now so we will soon see.

Neem oil should be available in your area  (insist on pure neem oil)….many garden stores handle it now but that is usually a very expensive way to buy it. Agricultural supply stores would be a better bet –

It’s not cheap…10 litres here last year was $200CDN….I don’t have a current price.

My supplier can ship to the USA:  Leo Sunder,  Horti International
31471 Ponderosa Place, Abbotsford, BC, Canada V2T 5G3

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