Keith Kridler, Texas

photos of bulb flies

May 14, 2009

Categories: Bulb Fly, Bulb Information, Diseases and Pests, Growing Daffodils

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Keith Kridler Mt. Pleasant, Texas Most people are probably confused by all of the flying insects and the different species of flies in their yards. Here is a link to various images of bulb flies. Probably would not hurt to know your enemy a little better.
Anyway do a search on images in your favorite browser and be sure the flies you are seeing look like this one.
Don’t forget there is another species called the small bulb fly that mostly feeds on diseased of dying bulbs in the amaryllis family.
We are having catastrophic amounts of rain as our daffodils die down. Most of our fields have been standing in water for two weeks. Rain for the last 5 out of 9 days and already another inch of rain this morning.

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