George Dorner, Illinois

Pins and Calendars

May 11, 2009

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We have a number of convention pins and daffodil calendars left from the convention. We can send the calendars for $10 postpaid and the pins for $2 plus about the same for the mailing. We could send a handful of pins for the same post costs.
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We’ll wrap up the convention finance report soon, so if you want something let me know ASAP.

One response to “Pins and Calendars”

  1. Chriss Rainey says:

    George went on and on about how nice the calendars were and I confess that I paid little attention to him until we got home from Chicago and I had time to open mine up. Wow!!!
    Anyone out there who was not at the convention and didn’t get one of these should jump at this opportunity. The calendar is stellar and the pins are very beautiful. The calendar starts in the month of May ’09 and goes through to the next May. So you get a full year’s use of it.
    Chriss Rainey