Keith Kridler, Texas

Tea cups and mill stones

May 24, 2009

Categories: Growing Daffodils, Hybridizing, Planting, Seeds, Soil

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I really liked the log bench with the daffodils growing near it. Again somewhere in south west Wisconsin. Not really sure why the rocks are sitting on top of the bench. This entire farm appeared to be sitting on solid rock. They probably had up nearly 40 of these tea cups and saucers. This was pretty common locally as they feed orioles 1/2 and orange and also put bird seed in some of these cups…..The saucers are securely glued to the steel posts with the tea cups sitting in the saucers…Incredible sight I heard when you have several hundred American Goldfinches flocking to the cups for sunflower seeds. Again it would be horrible planting daffodils in these rocky soils. Keith Kridler

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