John McLennan, New Zealand


June 23, 2009

Categories: Breeding, Bulb Information, Growing Daffodils, Hybridizing, Seedling

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Yellow  Gold
The vase 2 days after the bud photos.
I would expect another few days yet  —  is a week good value for my $ 6 -00
Some help from our northern growers  —  marketers  please ,  if possible.
Two summers ago [December in N Z ] , it is understood 2 containers of Yellow Gold  bulbs were sent overseas ,
one to Canada and one to Holland  ,–  obviously for evaluation as early cut flowers.
I would be very interested if they have settled in , acclimatised and are flowering as early  , proportionately to
your season as they are to the  Kiwi season.
Obviously ,not having any bulbs , I have not bred from Yellow Gold , but have flowered several hundred seedlings
using Y G pollen.Have kept a couple, have one promising grandchild [ out now ], but nothing outstanding in terms
of earlyness and all considerably shorter than my best seedling , most of which have Malvern City or Toorak Gold,
both very tall  flowers  , in their breeding.
Yellow Gold  —  in the shops now for many kiwis.

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