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Last for the night on earlys ,
Two sister seedlings , photoed about 2 weeks ago.
Quite different in form of trumpet ,  88 – 6 has a big , bold , rolled flange , very soon after openning.
89 – 4 is the same cross  ,  [ Titch  x  Malvern City ] , a serrated , slightly flared finish to the trumpet.
These are from first year down planting,  established beds a week later.
Graeme Phillips also has very many fine yellow trumpets and is also marketing now.
But we don,t have acres of them and , like Neville, we,re both getting old.
Yellow Gold rules in the early markets.
But why did  I pay $6 -00 for a bunch ???
Just to tell you good folks an interesting story., perhaps how you may get daffs on your shortest day.
Cheers  John  [  expecting another frost in the morning .]