unknown n’ville daffodil

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Hi Ben and Nancy,
Here is the unknown taken at the Nashville Show in April.  I have a beautiful picture that I have edited from this one and have plead, begged and cried to all clerks and judges who were there, but no one remembers this poor beautiful daffodil.
Help from the worldwide web?
Thanks, Jackie Turbidy


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  1. Edie and all,

    Fortunately, Daffnet has been up and running.  However, Daffnet usually slows down this time of year until the Down Under daffodils come into bloom.

    There is some activity on the new ADS Historics List Server – HistoricDaff.  As the name indicates, the focus is about Historic Daffodils and current projects that are underway.  If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Sara Van Beck.  Sara is managing this list server and is copied on this email. 

    Nancy Tackett
    Daffnet Co-Adminstrator
    from Ultra hot Kerrville, Texas

    At 05:35 PM 6/29/2009 -0500, Edith F. Godfrey wrote:

    Is daffnet down?  I haven

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