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June 11, 2009

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Labelling – we have been using this pen in black with medium point for a number of years, it is a water – based pigment ink and, as long as your labels are completely dry when you write on them, fades very little over two years and will last a lot longer than that.  Has the added bonus of having no odour.  We have used them on plastic, wood, and painted surfaces.  Have never tried the coloured ones.  They seem to be quite widely available.
Regards, Denise.

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i’ve used a lot of systems for labeling over the years, starting with plastic labels and sharpies, graduating to Zinc Garden Labels and a #2 pencis.  The Zinc label last maybe, two seasons.  The sharpies last most of one season.

A few years ago there was a lot of chatter on daffnet about using a label gun with plastic label. In addition there was chatter about using a printer with permanent ink.  However, some of these system did not conform to how I plant and was too cumberson.

Anne Corson and Evelyn Noch members of ADS from the Eastern Shore of Maryland introducted me to the Paint pencil that you have to shake up.  I found that I could get them at Wall-Mart in the arts and design section.  The paint pencils have lasted for three years and counting.  The writing stands up to the sun, however, if the label get’s moldie, you may have to rub off the mold to see them. i use the Median Paint pencil and have found the extra fine just writes too small for me. Paint beats going out each spring with a plot plan and a #2 pencil to write the names back on the labels each year.

Good Luck.

Clay Higgins

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Labeling daffodils… I am waiting for the perfect and easiest method!

I have been using plastic markers (recycled cut up blinds).

A couple of years ago I did this experiment…

Method:  I wrote the names twice on the marker on top and below the ground level.  One time each using a #2 pencil and a Sharpie pen.

The Result.  The No 2 marker lasts longer but after 3 years it fades and needs to be rewritten. The Sharpie stays perfect BELOW the ground level but completely disappears above the soil level after the first winter.  Needless to say, I try to keep the markers deeper into the soil with only an inch or so above as it looks more attractive.  These markers do become brittle and lost.

So what is the PERFECT method…..  To keep a backup record of where you plant!

Ceci Brown
Gloucester, Virginia USA

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When I label any plants I always write on both the top and the bottom of the label. The top fades in the sun, but the bottom of most labels is still quite clear after 10+ years. Do not use vivid markers. Use a garden marker or a pencil which I have seen last close to 20 years. Staedler have the best pencil for this but I have forgotten the number of it.



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