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June 18, 2009

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Hello All,
There is obviously quite a bit of interest in cleaning daffodil beds with this herbicide.
If one buys the spray container ready for use the concentration of Glyphosate ( as Glyphosate acid )
is likely to be 7.2g per litre, this is quite strong, beware!
The usual concentrate from a garden centre has 120g Glyphosate acid per litre and if diluted as 20ml made up to 1 litre
this gives 2.4g per litre.  At a rate of 30ml concentrate made up to 1 litre the rate is 3.6g per litre.
Agricultural concentrate is 360g/l, triple strength, and should anyone get their hands on this, the dilution rate should be
calculated carefully.  20ml in 1 litre gives 7.2g Glyphosate per litre, strong, as in the ready made up stuff above.
The above figures refer to Round Up. I expect the other companies look-alikes are much the same, but as others
have said are likely to be considerably cheaper.
Someone has mentioned that extra cost along with wetting agents or something to make the product sticky.
If such additions make the product more effective, or lack of them less effective, then some plants may survive a hit
particularly in less than ideal weather, while others suffer, depending on the brand used.
Next consider the method of application and the wetting effect.
Watering can application is likely to get into holes more readily, especially in hollows.
In ideal conditions only a light spray need hit, vastly different from soaking the plants to the point of run-off.
Use less, save money.If the weed infestation is light and growth is fresh and susceptible or only a small initial hit is required, especially if the chemical concentration is high.
If an active (green) daff leaf is hit by mistake then cut it off.
If in doubt use a hoe until all traces of daffs and holes have gone.
George Norris  Scotland 

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