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June 6, 2009

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Hi all –
As mentioned at the Historics Committee breakfast, we would like to set up an e-mailing list for things officially Historic daff (or, quasi-official, really…). (Some of you were interested in getting onto the list, so for you this is just to double check, make sure you want to be there…)
If you are interested, please email both John Lipscomb and myself, and we’ll compile a list of interested folks. This will be used for project business such as the variability list, the Historics database and putting together a Historics powerpoint for a judge’s refresher (which is what’s shaking so far). So i don’t envision alot of yacking, relatively speaking. [I don’t intend for it to be used for “what’s this flower” unless everyone agrees to that.] If John/I can figure it out (hahahaha), we may do a “Yahoo Groups” type list, so it’ll always be obvious where the email is coming from (or, maybe the Terrible Tacketts would set one up for us, but I don’t want to tax). If yo’ure interested in joining the list, but are not an ADS member, I would ask you to join the ADS, as the end results of committee projects often will be ADS approved action items (for lack of a better term – we must always strive to be “buzz word compliant”). Besides, if you’ve been lurking on DaffNet for any length of time – it’s time for you to pony up anyways! We look forward to hearing from you –
for John Lipscomb (currently under the weather) and Sara Van Beck

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