In search of Historics

June 11, 2009

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Rich……… did I ever send you Indian Chief ????——–I need to check the  color coded “want” list you sent.
Start digging Monday!!!!!!!!!!
On Mon, 23 Jul 2007 19:49:18 -0700 (PDT) Rich Meinke < title=> writes:
Hello all,
I am new to the ADS and have a small historics collection started and am wondering about a few oldies that seem not to be in cultivation any more (pitty).  Wondering if there is anyone still growing these?
Dawn, 5 W – Y, Rev. G.H. Engleheart,  England 1907
Firebrand, 3 WWY – R, Rev. G.H. Engleheart, England 1897
Will Scarlett, 2 W–O, Rev. G.H. Engleheart, England 1898
Franciscus Drake, 2 W – YYO, Mrs. R.O. (Sarah) Backhouse, England 1921
Elegance, 3 W, Rev. G.H. Engleheart, 1908 England
Brilliancy, 3 Y–YYO, Rev. G.H. Engleheart, England 1906
Indian Chief, 4 Y–O, Mrs. R.O. (Sarah) Backhouse, England 1921
If so, would you be willing to part with some bulbs (I promise to give them a good home)?  I’d be very happy to purchase ($30-$40 per 10 bulbs?!?), or trade as many as you can part with.  If you or someone you know grows these beautiful historics, please let me know.  Your help is very much appreciated!!!
Kind regards,

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