June 11, 2009

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I have had very good results using the EON metal barden markers and WATERPROOF Avery labels.  The right size waterproof markers are never available locally, but can be ordered by the local Staples (no shipping fee.)  Labels that were run through a laser printer and put out in the fall of 05 are still perfectly clear with no fading.  I was more surprised that none of them have peeled off.  They can be removed and replaced, with difficulty.

As other people have recommended, I put a label on the top and bottom of the marker.  I’ve experimented with various pencils and paint pens, and all of them seem to last well on the bottom label, and fade more than the laser printer on the sunny label.

(Plus garden maps, on the computer, on the back-up disk, and printed out.  This is starting to sound obsessive.)

Has anyone tried ink-jet printing for labels – does that work also?  (Recently retired and lost easy access to the laser printer at work!)

Kathleen Simpson
in rainy WV – don’t have to worry about labels fading in the sun this month


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