Brian Duncan, Northern Ireland

Picos de Europa species

June 29, 2009

Categories: Conservation, Daffodil Types, Science, Species

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So Daffnet is quiet – here are a couple of pictures readily found in the  Picos de Europa in Northern Spain

5 responses to “Picos de Europa species”

  1. Chriss Rainey says:

    This photo of triandrus strikes me funny. 
    The anthers look like lady’s legs sticking out of hoop skirts wearing yellow high heeled shoes and the petals look like arms waving over their heads.  🙂
    Chriss Rainey

  2. Peter and Lesley Ramsay says:

    Hi Brian,

    Is that the true colour of triandrus v triandrus.  Always thought it was whiter than that.  The offspring I’ve had from it are pure white.


    Lots of foliage through here, some blackened by the heaviest frosts we’ve ever had in the Waikato.  Probably be an early season once it warms up a bit.  Getting the wind breaks up in readiness!






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  3. Brian Duncan, Northern Ireland Brian Duncan says:


    Hello Niels,
    They are pretty widespread in the Picos, the N. asturiensis tend to be at the higher altitudes. Yes, almost anytime in May.

  4. Brian Duncan, Northern Ireland Brian Duncan says:
    Hello Peter,
      My goodness! Wonders never cease! Are you now breeding with what you call the “rats and mice” of the daffpdol world!! We;cpme to the club.
      N. tri tri tends to be whiter in general than N. tri. pallidulus but they are very variable in form, colour and number of flowers per stem.  I, too have one or two very white forms and progeny colour, as of course you know , depends on the other parent. The difficulty with N. triandrus is to keep them living – I think they have a short life span and rely on seed, produced in profusion, to reprodiuce. Clumps of N. triandrus are seldom found in the wild – if so one suspects that sesds from one pod fell on the same spot and germinated  there  – this can usually be confirmed by the slight variations in the flowers of the clump.
      I’ve been trying to breed N. triandrus look-alike seedlings that will have hybrid vigour and staying power – but intersectional crossing is doomed to a high percentage of failure.
  5. Edith Godfrey says:


    I had to go into my deleted folder and look again at the photo—you are right!  They do look like ladies in hoop skirts with yellow high heels.  I will never look at a Div 5 again the same way!


    Minnesota—where we are having a cool spell before it gets hot again 50’s overnight last night.