Jan Pennings, the Netherlands

Round Up reaction

June 19, 2009

Categories: Bulb Information, Growing Daffodils, Soil, Weed Control

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Dear Friends
I have followed the discussions about the use of Round Up. I agree with everybody who says. BE carefull . special with cracks in de soil or the open holes when the leaves died down
Sometimes dead leaves workes as filter what drains the stuff still downwards.or opposite how works an oillamp.
I made the mistake two years ago.Some of you found the yellow leaves in my beds during the World Daffodil Tour.There were only two little stocks. We replant the bulbs again and this year they looks much better. I have attachted one picture, how they look at the moment And you see there is still hope that they survive.
I wish everybody a good digging season with a lot good drying weather what is good for the bulbs.
All the best Jan Pennings

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