Daily Archives: July 24, 2009

First Miniature

 Greetings to you all from sunny Southbridge NZ. This is the first miniature to open this season, it is named Daffy Duck and was raised by Bill Dijk. It…

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Thanks  for a very quick  reply  Keith. Great photo  ,  would expect a  very fragrant walk  through the woods  if they are all allowed to open. Yes , very good…

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white pearl.

Every  season  we  strike a few  plants  of  erlicheer that revert to the original form ,  White  Pearl. This is the first I have seen  this  season. They usually  revert…

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Erlicheer in the woods of East Texas

July 24, 2009

These are planted in sandy loam type soil on a slope. It is really too shady in this location and we are cutting down and chipping up smaller trees to…

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Erlicheer,  Does it grow well in your  garden ??   John.

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branches of family tree

Hi Daffnetters, We are slowerly  moving into spring  —  a few warm  days  and  nights  ,  no frosts  and quite noticeable growth.   Erlicheer  is in  full flush in the…

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