[daffnet ANGAZI dam of GAY KYBO

July 14, 2009

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, won nine races ; dam of one winner:GAY KYBO, won three races over hurdles and won two races over fences



ANGAZI, won nine races at two to five years including Ascot Stakes Handicap, Royal Ascot

and Rails Bookmakers Handicap, Kempton Park and placed ten times; dam of one winner:

GAY KYBO, won three races over hurdles at five and seven years and £3,398 and won

two races over fences at six years and placed eight times.
The term “kybo” is popular within the Scout Movement worldwide. The word is believed by some to have originated as an acronym for “Keep Your Bowels Open” although there is some possibility that it is a backronym. The term “kybo” may have originated at the Farm and Wilderness Camps in Vermont where it came from the coffee cans (Kybo brand coffee) that held the lye or more often lime used to keep odor to a minimum and aid decomposition. It was only after Kybo coffee was no longer available and the cans were no longer used that folks began to come up with other possible reasons for the term “kybo”. An interesting aside is that toilet paper is often referred to as “Kybo Tape” or “Kybo Wrap”.
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  1. Peter and Lesley Ramsay says:

    Hello All,


    The story I have been told is that the Richardsons named flowers after successful Irish race horses. (Red Rum, a Grand National Steeplechase Winner was another one)  They had no idea what KYBO meant until after they met one of the owners of the horse. Phil Phillips, who was the first to tell me the story claimed that Nell Richardson was quite horrified and wanted to change the name but Lionel was amused and it remained!   Phil also named varieties after horses but told me he only used names which he understood!


    My first ever wager on a racehorse was on Red Rum which I placed at a betting shop in Leicester several weeks before the race when the odds were 50 -1.   I thought this was a good bet as Red Rum had won the same race the year before.  He duly won and I lined up to collect my 50 pounds only to be given 4.  I complained but the bookie pointed to two letters on the ticket – SO – “Starting Odds” which were 3-1!! Not for the first time I realized you had to work for money unless you were a bookmaker!!!


    Very cold here – indeed coldest winter on record.






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