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Emailing: Daffodil bed cracked soil 01

July 6, 2009

Categories: Growing Daffodils, Soil

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Daffodil bed cracked soil 01

I believe that all of you accept that glyphosate (Roundup) kills/damages anything green depending upon the concentration of glyphosate applied.  Perhaps not as many of you accept that damage to bulbs in the ground may occur if glyphosate makes contact with them, particularly if they are not dormant.  Suggested glyphosate access to bulbs comes through cracks in the soil when surface applications of glyphosate are made, through roots of weeds that are sprayed with glyphosate that are in contact with bulbs, and through the “wick effect”  where sprayed glyphosate may be passively transport down dead foliage that is still attached to the bulbs.  Presumably, the glyphosate could damage/kill the bulb if the glyphosate should make contact with the white tissue of the bulb’s neck.  Obviously, death of the bulb would be marked by no foliage appearing the following spring whereas damage to the bulb would be evidenced  by the appearance of altered foliage, i.e. chlorotic (yellowed) or some other manifestation.  Regardless, the attached photograph shows what my beds look like when the pine straw mulch is removed.
Ted Snazelle

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