John McLennan, New Zealand

Forgotten division.

July 28, 2009

Categories: Daffodil Types, Fertility, Hybridizing, Seedling, Standards

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Hi again  Daffnetters,
Spent a few hours today, picking and bunching Erlicheer.
Erlicheer  —  a  sport  from  a  tazetta, but in our N Z  show schedule  is  shown  in  the  multi-head  double class. It  has  little  opposition in the early season shows, the mid  —  late  season  shows are dominated by Bridal  Crown.
Very  few  other  multi-headed  doubles  are  ever seen on our  N Z  show  benches.
Are  there  any  other  strong  performers  in  U S A  or  in  the  U K. :  or  is it  the  forgotten  sub- division?
I’ve  tried a few crosses  putting  tazetta  pollen on proven  seed  setting  doubles  , have  only  one  keeper, and it is not a show stopper.
I’m trying to encourage Wilfred, with his excellent tazetta knowledge and orange of seedlings to try a few crosses.  He also has given me a couple  of  his  proven fertile  tazettas.
Perhaps  other  species  may  offer  better  potential.
Is  anyone making progress here, John Hunter, Brian D.,  Peter  R.??
Perhaps I should have concentrated on my Erlicheer,  —  —  but simple minds do wander, and wonder.
Cheers  John.


2 responses to “Forgotten division.”

  1. Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio Mary Lou Gripshover says:

    A check of doubles with multiple florets with photos in DaffSeek shows the following:
    Bridal Crown
    Golden Rain
    Sir Winston Churchill
    The Bride# (with florets twice the size of Bridal Crown)
    In the U.S., we see mostly Cheerfulness, Yellow Cheerfulness, Sir Winston Churchill and the occasional Bridal Crown in shows, and in areas where it grows, Erlicheer.
    Other multi-headed doubles, not from tazettas are:
    Double Smiles
    Twin Born
    White Marvel
    Of these, we see White Marvel occasionally.  Double Smiles is a newer one from jonquilla breeding now being offered.
    Mary Lou

  2. Noeline and Donald McLaren says:

    I look with longing at the beautiful florets of Earlicheer.  Here in the lower South Island of NZ I never see a bloom in my beds before late September, early October.  Bridal Crown usually beats it to flower.  Do I have a mis-named variety or does our usually cold, wet winter and early spring influence this?



    Noeline McLaren

    Balclutha, NZ