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Killara Daffodil

July 6, 2009

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Daffnet Friends, can you please offer your assistance to Max Farley in AU?  Please respond direct to Max.

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Jaydee Atkins Ager

Executive Director

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 To: The American Daffodil Society

 I am writing from Sydney, Australia, in the hope you may be able to give me some information on the “Killara” daffodil (developed by Henry Selkirk of Sydney in 1910) included in the list of registered Historic daffodils I obtained from your website.

 My task is to prepare a talk on Henry Selkirk (1857/1930) who was a man of note in Sydney in the 1899/1930 period. One of his lesser known activities was an interest in sparaxis bulbs, clivias and daffodils – hence the Killara daffodil he named after the area in which he lived.

 Contact with several local growers has not produced results and no one seems to have any knowledge of the Killara after all these years. Obviously it would not now be available commercially anywhere and probably never was. It would be wonderful to obtain a photo or description of it and perhaps something of its breeding background. Maybe even a note on Henry Selkirk himself. I realise this would be hoping for the impossible but the fact it is on the list would suggest there must be some information somewhere. I felt and enquiry might up something.

 What a pity it apparently no longer exists – there would be a market for it here in Killara!

 Max Farley


One response to “Killara Daffodil”

  1. Kathy Welsh says:

    Dear Max,
    Killara is still commercially available.  I puirchased it some years ago from the Washington Daffodil Society bulb order.  I believe Ron Scamp carries it.
    Kathy Welsh