Killara Daffodil

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I am not sure to whom I should send this so am replying to both addresses.

 First let me thank you for responding so promptly to my query. Good answers have come through and I am now well on the track. I must ask more widely afield here just in case the Killara daffodil IS available.

 What is the situation if I want to show a photo of the daffodil in my talk?  I see there are two photos. Most certainly I would give credit to the ADS. So far as the photographer is concerned the name appears on the image. I would not be using it for any commercial purpose as the talk is to an important Historical Society in Sydney.

 Another question if you don’t mind but on another subject.

 I was impressed with the speed and with which your people answered me  Our own local Historical Society receives an increasing number of questions from the general public wanting information about our Ku-ring-gai history, its noteworthy homes and its early families ( Our site is The questions are sometimes complex and require a degree of expertise.


I note you seem to have a (limited?) group of people you term “Daffnet Friends” and you invite them to respond direct to the enquirer. We have contemplated this way of doing it but have hesitated because it is possible that different “Friends” may give different answers. However because, in your case anyway, the reply comes from individuals rather than from the Society there is no pressing need to reconcile them. At least the enquirer gets some information to work on.

 I’d value any brief information you may have about your procedures:

 – how many “Friends’ do you have?

– how are they selected?

– do the replying Friends send their colleagues a copy of any replies they send? For information.

– do you have someone charged with keeping an eye on all the replies?

– do you ever have direct answers give differing/conflicting information?

 Please do not go to much trouble over this. You have been so helpful I feel guilty about putting these questions to you in the first place.

Max Farley

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