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name game — daffs and golf

July 17, 2009

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Hi  Daffnetters,
I guess that we have quite a few golfers  —  of  varying  ability , amongst our daffnett family.
I  have been a keen golfer for about 35 years  — but struggle to find enough time  – daffs are a higher priority.
My  late  father was also very keen , we were both left-handers  –Bob Charles in name only.
The British  Open –  THe OPEN  Championship, is currently being playedat  Turnberry, a links course on the south
west coast of Scotland.  It,s  great viewing , our  Otaki course (near  the  coast )  is also  a  links.
In 1940 , about this time of the year, my father was at Turnberry  —  but not for golf.
Turnberry links  was  an airfield ,  the clubhouse – hotel was quarters for  airmen doing officer training.
It was the early years of W W II and after initial training in Ontario , Canada , and some further training in the U K,
dad was with a batch of airmen , mostly Kiwis,testing the establishment as they tried to change the —  Wild 
Colonial  Boys ,  —  into Officers  and Gentlemen  —  to becme  804 squadrion  Fleet Air  Arm  –flying off Aircraft Carriers,
From  turnberry, then their airstrip,  a very common training exercise was a navigational and bombing run , going west.
About 300 miles into the Atlantic gales is a very small, completely isolated island that was their target,  – – bombs away
and navigate (no radar then ) back to Turnberry.
I I first heard this story when I called at my parents , after a show in Lower Hutt.  I  was asked how the show went ,,
and mentioned that  I had won a premier with  ???  .
Dad and my godfather, another F A A pilot  who was  visiting,both laughed ,  said —  is it still standing ,  –and told me
the full story of this tiny island.
They had to photo it to prove they hadn,t just ditched their bombs.
There are  9 photos of this daff on daffseek  — they do not even slightly resemble dads  photo.
Obviously it is a very famous daff  —  and has been an exceptional parent  —  seedlings from  over a dozen different
hybridists,  and also many grand-children.  Raised in  1955  ,  still seen around today.
The name of the daff  and the  island  is  ???

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  1. Denise and Neil McQuarrie says:

    Am I allowed to tell you?  Rockall?