John McLennan, New Zealand

names and seeds.

July 15, 2009

Categories: Breeding, Daffodil Types, Hybridizing, Standards

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Hi  Daffnetters ,
Thanks for all the replys to the name game.
BRILLIANT  effort by all  —  I,m sure we will all look at Altun Ha  and  Gay  Kybo in a different light  now.
Arkle  was mentioned as another race horse from the Richardson  stable.
Arkle holds my personal  record for  most seeds  from  1  pod  —  67  seeds …
You will be sorting ,  cleaning , sowing your seed in the  northern hemisphere at the moment.
What  variety can you beat  67  with ??  and what is  your  record  ??
My bet would be on a trumpet.
I,m  doing a little  crossing at the moment.Cold ,outdoor  winter conditions ,  will  be pleased if  I average 5  —  6
per pod from crosses  made outside in July.
I know that crosses made in September in then sunny  Otaki will probably  average 15  —  20.
Temperature is the big  factor  —  slow  progress  breeding  early flowers ,  even cutflowers where slightly
different standards are  acceptable.
Cheers  John

One response to “names and seeds.”

  1. David Adams says:
    I’m enjoying your bits on Daffnet. Keep it up.
    I reckon I got 80 seeds out of a pod of N cyclamineus some years ago.
    That formed the theory in my mind that N cyclamineus is pendant in order to ensure self pollination and heaps of seeds. Being pendant also protects the pollen from being destroyed by splashing water as the species grows in damp places. It is generally accepted that N cyclamineus flowers once then dies, hence the need to set many seeds in order for the species to survive.
    Now the question becomes Did the original species think this through and decide on a survival mechanism? Those who talk to their flowers must surely believe that flowers can think and therefore make rational decisions! Or was this a random mutation that happened to ensure that the pendant form of pseudo narcissus survived?
    Rabbits have heaps of baby rabbits because they don’t last long as adults.
    That should get ’em going.