July 19, 2009

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Another example of multiple selections from the same cross:

Toty de Navarro selected 6 from the cross that produced the pollen parent of John Lea’s ‘Dailmanach’.
Tom Throckmorton, Bill Bender, made and many others make multiple selections from their “clicking” crosses.

Leone Low

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Another  from  Graeme,  also  just starting to flower.
82  64  8  is for me the first of several I  have from the same cross.
Some  crosses  just  seem to  — click  —  and G P  made over a dozen , very good , all slightly different , selections
from this cross.  The parentage  is a sdlg  x  My  Word  ,  as is  Gee  Pink ,  but from a different  sdlg.
Although  not as tall or as large  as  Gee Pink,  this flower  shows  considerably  more  colour in  bud  : a desirable
trait as the buyers  don,t want their blooms to  far open at purchase.

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