John McLennan, New Zealand


July 28, 2009

Categories: Breeding, Hybridizing, Seedling

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Hi  Daffnetters,
 A  warmer  spell here the last few days ,  no frosts ,  overnight lows  4  –  5 C ,, the daffs  are moving.
A nice seedling  tazetta  from  Wilfred  Hall ,  from  his  Bees  Knees  line of  breeding.
Seedling  09 – T 10  —  will  probably  be  named and registered  if it keeps  performing.
Stems  about  8 – 10  inches  tall,  very  firm.  Flowers  about  1 inch  ( 25 mm )  in  size.Strong  fragrance.
Would  be  brilliant  in  a  pot  or  small  container.  This is about  3rd  flowering  ,  is  multiplying  well.

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