John McLennan, New Zealand

white pearl.

July 24, 2009

Categories: Daffodil Types, Standards

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Every  season  we  strike a few  plants  of  erlicheer that revert to the original form ,  White  Pearl.
This is the first I have seen  this  season. They usually  revert back to the Cheer  double  form ,
However  I have seen a few  clumps  that  growers  have selected and lifted and a few have stayed single.
The late  Tony  Robinson , from our area  , worked  hard  over a number of years to establish a stable W P  line.
In over  40 years  of  picking  Erlicheer ,, I have only  ever seen two  stems ,( in different  seasons )  with  both single
and  double  flowers  on the same stem.
One in particular I remember was well photoed , marked , lifted  but  went back to  double the next season.
Very  vigorous , beautiful  , large , dark skinned  bulbs , probably as hardy  as  any  tazetta.
Cheers  John.

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