John McLennan, New Zealand

Winter sunset.

July 6, 2009

Category: General

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Last for the evening.
Kapiti Island is our standout local landmark.
Usually pounded by strong westerly gales and raging surf.
Our current cold spell has been caused by cool Southeast winds ,  —  off shore breezes on our west coast.
Caught a nice sunset and a calm sea last week.
Would,nt mind a strong norwester to give us some warm rain and move the daffs.
Cheers John.

2 responses to “Winter sunset.”

  1. Phyllis Hess says:

    Just Beautiful!!

  2. David Adams says:

    Interesting that I named a cultivar ‘Karehana Sunset’ based on an almost identical photo I took of Mana Island many years ago. The Kapiti Coast is certainly an idyllic part of the world to live and to grow things. Actually the area produces other good things too – its Leitha’s home territory and she remembers walking along the Kapiti Coast many times as a child.