botany question about “pink” daffodils

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Below is a very good question from one of our Daffnet members, Cathy of Long Island. Please copy Daffnet on your replies
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I remember reading some (to me) dense prose here in discussions of Pink Daffodils. It’s become clear to me that the ‘pink’ is actually a melon or apricot color, not the cotton candy pink you see in some catalogs.

But I am also aware that there are pretty specific temps and weather that optimize the pink, making it pink-est, while still not pink.

I have searched thru scientific journals via the internet, hoping to get >scientific instructions for obtaining this pink-ish color (these are all carotenoid pigments?), or at least to explain to someone who lives in the right place, at the right time, how best to obtain the pink-est >narcissus next spring.

Cathy T. >Long Island, N.Y. > > >==============================================================

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  1. Dear Cathy,
    I hope you will get many answers.
    If you can find access to a March 2008 American Daffodil Society Journal,  that issue
    featured the pink daffodil, from the beginning to the latest new hybrids.
    It might not have, in one place, specific hybridizing advice; but it’s a good record
    of all the crosses various hybridizers around the world have used to achieve true
    What zone are you in? 7 or 8?
    I’m in the upper part of Zone 8, and here the pink coloring, particularly in established
    plantings, is much better in cool, rainy seasons.
    Loyce McKenzie
    Madison, MS.


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