Bill Dijk, New Zealand


August 17, 2009

Categories: Growing Daffodils, Planting, Pots

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I’ve been using these polystyrene boxes for a long time, and are ideal for larger quantities of smaller bulbs.
I bought these boxes (500) second hand, at an auction from a Sandersonia grower, who stopped exporting the tubers.
They are light weight, strong, maintainance free and rot proof and last for along time, if handled carefully.
The depth is 7″ (18cm.) 22″long (55cm.)and 13″wide (33cm.) just knock a few holes in the bottom for good drainage.
I have the same poly containers a size smaller 15″wideX18″longX5″deep, for the real mini bulbs including the colourful SA bulbs.
You can often buy them here in large quantities very cheap.
Hello Bill,
Can you tell me the depth of those poly’ containers your using!

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