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N.calcicola foliage

August 18, 2009

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Dave, as promised, here is a picture of the N.calcicola? foliage without the flowers yet.
It’s interesting that everyone has his or her opiniun what the real N.calcicola should look like, even the experts can’t always agree what is the true N.calcicola.
In addition, I also have another lot of N.calicola that I aquired from Peter Salmon (Hokonui Alpines) with straight upright foliage, which I will show in the second picture.
Then Brian Duncan showed us a photo’s of N.calcicola taken from the wild with straigt foliage again (thanks Brian)
Are these the real N.calcicola? if so then the lot that I grow is perhaps another of so many clones, selections or forms of this popular N.calcicola species.
Whatever happens, we still like our beautiful N.calcicola collection we grow, and will stick to that name in the meantime, or could I perhaps give it another name?
What do you think Dave, is the picture taken in the wild the true species?
I am inclined to agree with Brian.
Look forward to your reply

One response to “N.calcicola foliage”

  1. Marilyn Howe says:

    Hi Daffnet,
    Brian Duncan’s photo of N. calcicola matches the original description and Botanical drawing of Francisco de Acensâo Mendoça 1889-1982 in Boletim da Sociedade Broteriana, Série II Volume 6, Pages 318-319 (1929-1930). The drawing shows two flowers on the scape and the stamens in two series three slightly above the stigma and three slightly below. The upper stamens are visible at the base of the corona and the lower stamens and stigma are included within the perianth tube. The shape of the corona in the photos matches drawing. There are a pair of  leaves which are upright about the same length as the flower. The leaf color is glaucus. Fernandez  Casas and Dorda did a study of leaf morphology in Fontqueria 27, pages 103-162 (1989). Their study shows N. calcicola with two keels on the backside of the leaf.
    Marilynn Howe