Its not a worry

August 10, 2009

Categories: Daffodil Types, Miniatures, Planting

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This is the view from our kitchen window… Leitha reckons she enjoys standing at the kitchen sink and watching the changes in the woodland garden. Its not a worry when anyone enjoys standing at the kitchen sink. As the Bambi and other daffodils die down in the beds by the drive dahlias, miniature roses and lillies take over giving colour all summer and keeping the bulbs cool. There was some discussion on Daffnet a while ago about companion planting. The dahlias do it for us.
The white marker under the silver birches is where the N cyclamineus is thriving but also indicates two pots of N triandrus triandrus seedlings kindly given to me by Malcolm Wheeler. There are about 70 seedlings coming on.
The bottom right hand branch of the middle silver birch features in Daffseek. I wonder who can find it.

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