N calcicola DNA

August 18, 2009

Categories: Daffodil Types, Species

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I like to point out that N calcicola has about 26 pg of nuclear DNA,  just as the other two species of the same section, N rupicola and scaberulus.  N jonquilla cum suis has about 32 pg.

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2 responses to “N calcicola DNA”

  1. Brian Duncan, Northern Ireland Brian Duncan says:
    Calcicola respondents,
      I’m glad Ben Zonneveld chipped in with his remarks. This all started because some (myself included) doubted the veracity of Bill Dijk’s N. calcicola. I personally thought it might be a good form of N. assoanus when I saw it. now that i’ve grown it, but not flowered it well, I am not so sure – it is similar to a Dutch named  N. calcicola Group.
      I was surprised that the ‘wild’ pictures from a classic site were even doubted but Marilynn’s message pretty well sorted that out.
      However, we can look at all sorts of pictures from many sources and speculate all we like about Bill’s N. calcicola but what we must realise is that a population of  Narcissus species in the wild vary as much as the humans gathered in a crowd at any sporting or festival occasion – there will be tall, short, dark, pale, sturdy and slight. straight and hunched, fat and thin etc. etc – but they are all Homo sapiens!!  Specimens selected from wild populations tend to be the ‘best of the rest’ and maybe not quite typical – they may even be tetraploids, and when brought into the company of other species in a collection they may readily find an accomodating lover – and the offspring will be an amalgam of the lovers.  So if Mr jonquil meets and marries Miss calcicola then their children will be variable and favour one or other or both of the parents!
      This is a long way about saying -we can speculate all we like,  but until we have DNA analysis of Bill Dijks N. calcicola we just cannot verify it’s authencity. I hope to send a leaf tip to Ben Z. when it leafs up.(I hope he will accept it in his retirement!)
    Brian duncan
  2. Bill Dijk, New Zealand Bill Dijk says:
    Boy, did I stir up a hornets nest, well at least a lively discussion, of course all in very good taste, behaviour and manners.
    Brian, thanks very much for your very honest, perhaps slightly more confusing explanation/description on the subject, again all in the good course of science and identification.
    Ben, I am eventually looking forward to your DNA analysis, one way or another, to settle this impasse, when you get time and when convenient.
    Bedankt en tot wederhoren (that will fool a few people), no translation needed boys, I am on my best behaviour.
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