John McLennan, New Zealand

red pinks

August 6, 2009

Categories: Breeding, Hybridizing

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Perhaps  the  most  eyecatching  of  Graemes  sdlgs  was  this  very  bright ,  very  early ,  red  pink  sdlg.
G P  F 1 – 2  breeding  79 – 92 – 4  x  Magician.
The  bulbs  of  Magician  had  been  cooled  to  advance  their  flowering  to  coincide  with  the  many  fine  very 
early  pinks  that  Graeme  has  raised.
Look  for  this  colour  in five  years  on  Wilfs  tazettas  ,  three  stamens  worth of  crosses with this  hot  colour …
Stunning  at  this  early  time  in the  season.

2 responses to “red pinks”

  1. Melissa Reading says:

    Wow, look at the pink cast in the perianths!

    At 04:24 AM 8/6/2009,  title= wrote:

    Perhaps the most eyecatching of Graemes sdlgs was this very bright , very early , red pink sdlg.
    G P F 1 – 2  breeding 79 – 92 – 4  x Magician.
    The bulbs of Magician had been cooled to advance their flowering to coincide with the many fine very
    early pinks that Graeme has raised.
    Look for this colour in five years on Wilfs tazettas , three stamens worth of crosses with this hot colour …
    Stunning at this early time in the season.


  2. John Beck says:

    I love the flushing- unfortunately I do not trust it.
    I have seen reflections in the sun which are not
    the same; I always place a white card in between
    the corolla and the perianth before I believe that
    there truly is color there.
    On the other hand I would love to try the flower on
    some crosses here!
    John Beck