Graeme Davis, Australia

Blayney show

September 5, 2009

Categories: Hybridizing, Seedling, Show Results

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Travelled to the Blayney show yesterday.  Blayney is a country town inland from Sydney in the central tablelands of NSW, Australia.
There were over 700 blooms on display at, what for us, is a very early show – my flowers are only just starting so I entered a grand total of 20 blooms, 6 div 6, 6 div 10 and a few others.  However, I took a few seedlings from my fathers place and they did well.
Best large cup and best in show was Terminator shown by John Woodfield
Best trumpet was a seedling (22/08) from Tony Davis
Best small cup was also a seedling (17/09) from Tony Davis
Also attached is a (bad) photo of Tony Davis’ winning 9 in class 2 and another small cup seedling (7/09)
I will try to send a few more later in the day

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