Graeme Davis, Australia

Canberra Show

September 12, 2009

Categories: Hybridizing, Seedling, Show Results

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Canberra Show was today – over 1000 bloom on display

I managed to pick up the championship (7 entries) and best in show (with Rapture which had a round cup for a change – attached).

Class 2 (7 entries) went to John Woodfield.  He also won Reserve Champion and best div 2 with to Lady Dianna (attached).

Class 3 for 6 from div 5-13 went to Kiera bulbs (6 entries).

Class 4 for 6 Minatures was won the Lawrence Trevanion.  He also won best minature (attached).  Kiera showed the best minature div 1 I have seen in this class (attached).

Tony Davis won the 15 distinct class (5 entries) and the best div 3 with a seedling (the same variety that won last week at Blayney – different flower – the final choice of div 3 champion came down to two different flowers on the one variety) (picture attached).

Will send a few other pictures when I get the energy.




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