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FW: Truculent

September 6, 2009

Categories: Daffodil Types, Intermediates, Show Results, Shows, Standards

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Hello All,


Just a clarification  and a correction to Graeme Millers posting.


First, at many New Zealand shows there are often four levels of classes for exhibitors – Novice, Intermediate, Amateur and Open.  Most of our exhibitors work their way through these levels as they build their collection of bulbs.  It is a major feat for someone at Intermediate level to get Best Bloom at a show where there are top level National exhibitors.  This was Malcolm Lind’s first ever Best Bloom – I saw the flower at Morrinsville the day before the Howick Show where it took Premier 3WY and Best Bloom in the Intermediate Classes.  It was well in contention overall for Best Bloom there too – I didn’t measure it but it was about 110 mm which is the norm for Truculent. Hope this clarifies the understandable confusion.


Second the double was not one of Max Hamilton’s – the S stands for Scamp – we have grown this variety for many years and it is a regular show winner.  Well worth a name but I don’t think it has been registered as yet.


We are at last into National Week – the North Island Show is on Saturday.  There are lots of good flowers about but some of them are in the Senior Citizen stage of development.  We are having heavy frosts here almost as bad as at Malcolm Wheeler’s.






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Also didn’t think it was an intermediate.  Have grown it since 1996 and shown it successfully as a standard. It is large and has done very well.


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  1. Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio Mary Lou Gripshover says:
    Thanks for clearing that up, Peter.  You’ve been to enough of our shows to realize we don’t have classes for Intermediate Exhibitors–just Intermediate-size flowers.  Congratulations to Malcolm Lind!
    Mary Lou