John McLennan, New Zealand


September 1, 2009

Categories: Hybridizer, Hybridizing

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Hi  Daffnetters,
 Still    having the turbulent  spring  weather;  getting  frustrated at not  having any  chance to  spred  some  pollen  about.
It,s  official ;  the  national  weather statistics  for  August  made the  news  bulletins  today,  as  Peter  and  I  have  been 
telling  you , we had  the warmest  August  since records  began  —  over  a  century.
Caught  a  couple  of  locals  in  their  daff  patches ;
Dianne  Irwin ,  clipboard  in  hand ,  checking  labels  as  the  season  comes to  an  early  finish.

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