Ice Chimes

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Nancy Tackett, who probably sees more daffodil photos than any of us, has pointed out that many of the photos on DaffSeek of ‘Ice Chimes’ show a 5 W-Y flower, while the registration is 5 Y-Y.  You may remember that several years ago, we had a discussion about ‘Lemon Drops’ and came to the conclusion that there were two flowers going by the same name.  So, I’m wondering if we have that situation here, or whether the whiteness in the petals is a climatic factor.  Most of the images shown were taken in New Zealand or the UK.  Where are you getting your bulbs?  Can twin-scaling affect a flower’s coloring?  (I don’t even know if ‘Ice Chimes” was twin-scaled to increase the stocks.)
Here’s the link the DaffSeek page for ‘Ice Chimes’. 
Take a look and see what you think.
Mary Lou

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  1. Mary Lou


    Attached is  a scan of a photograph taken by George Tarry of Ice Chimes in 1989 the year after it was registered. The slide shows a little more yellow in the corona than appears in the scan but it would appear that here in the UK it has always looked like a 5W-Y rather than a 5Y-Y


    James Akers


  2. This may not add to the discussion,  but the RHS Register’s verbal description of Ice Chimes is that the petals are ‘ivory yellow’ while the corona is ‘light yellow’. 

    Have no idea what those terms are intended to convey.

    On pages 10 and 11 of the Register there is a discussion of the problems in interpreting ‘colour’  terms and  a reference to an RHS ‘colour chart’.

    Again, no idea whether this adds to the discussion or to the confusion.

    John Lipscomb

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