Ethel Smith, Minnesota

Mobot Bulb Gardens

September 12, 2009

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Great, Jason – I’m glad to hear those bulb gsrdens will be available for viewing – they were so lovely and well organized during the ADS St. Louis Convention – a joy to behold!

In the meantime, if you go to our, click on ‘Explore’, then, under ‘Get the Facts’, click on ‘Conservatories, gardens, programs, and research facilities’, then ‘Bulb Collections’, the site will never be a regular main page; sad but true, and completely understandable. The ADS website can link directly to it though, creating a direct portal and making it considerably more user-friendly.
 All the best, Jason

FYI all – am tackling the nearly 200 emails accumulated during my 2-week hospital  and nursing home stay since 8/28 – have done extremely well, stronger each day, but it’s so good to be home!!! 

Surgery on my spine went as planned although it took 8 instead of 5 hours to find ttheir way through all the scoliosis, scar tissue, etc. Now I and my walker are getting a workout and my sciatic nerve seems to be free at last from all the squeezing over the last 5-6 years! 

Thanks, especially to my buddies in the MN Daffodil Society who’ve kept me going with words of encouragement.
 Hugs to you all! Ethel Smith in MN

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