2009 NDS NZ Bell Awards

October 5, 2009

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The following letter is from Peter Ramsay.

Hi All,
We have just received two wonderful discs of Daff photos from Ron & Margaret Tyrrell. While browsing through then we found some photos of the 2009 Winners of the David Bell and Bronze medal. We cannot recall seeing these on the Net earlier so here they are.
The first award was to Reg Cull of Foxton. Reg has given great service to the Society over many years and received the Bell Bronze Medal. He was nominated by his local club, the Central Daffodil Group, who highlighted the many fine varieties he has raised and his judging at both local and National level.
The second award was to Graeme and Faith Miller of Te Awamutu who jointly received the Bell Gold medal. This is the first time that the Award has been made jointly and the nominating Club, The Northern Daffodil Club commented on how closely they work together in producing top level daffodils and seedlings. They were taken by surprise with the Award – indeed a suitable caption for the pic could be “you can open your eyes now, you are not dreaming”. With them in the photo is Bronwyn Phillips, President N.D.C. who read the citation AS WELL AS Lesley.
The full citation will appear in the N.Z. Daffodil Bulletin.
Lesley and Peter.


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