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[Historicdaff] FW: Historics judging question

October 30, 2009

Categories: Breeding, Daffodil Types, Historics, Hybridizing, Judging, Shows

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Hi Sara,
           Seems to me that if a description is available as in the Big Yellow Book use it, as this is how its been assessed by who ever registered it, but the modern way of smoothing daffodils for the show bench will not help the cause, as all will try to show there daffodils to look perfect for the judge!
Many of the older daffodil including King Alfred have a twist to the perianth, its only through modern day breeding that it have been taken out, but it can still be found!

2009/10/30 Sara VanBeck <>

Fyi, although I know most of you are double-subscribed, this way Leone’s reply is in the Historics Daff server archives…

I’ve gotten some other replys but I’ve not had time to condense them for a posting to Hist Daff…


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