Historics judging question

October 30, 2009

Categories: Daffodil Types, Historics, Judging, Shows

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Ian et al –

So, old forms have been modernized to suit the current palate, and folks have discussed the plants they view this as having happened to.

The question then is this:

Does then the new form get penalized on the show bench as it does not have the original/true form it was registered with?

I do not think it is practical to ask the growers/suppliers who have shifted the flower to a more modern form to register this modernization under a new name, although it would make me happy I just don’t see it happening (how many daffodils were sold in major catalogs this year which have not been registered with the RHS?).

Is it fair to ding folks who unknowingly bought from big box stores as opposed to paying up to smaller vendors (that the customer may not have know about at all to begin with) who make a point of carrying the real thing whenever possible?


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