Brian Duncan, Northern Ireland

In flower to-day

October 22, 2009

Categories: Autumn Blooming Daffodils, Daffodil Types

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The controversial ‘luteolentus’ ! Where does it really belong? The Book says N. cantabricus subsp. luteolentus, i’ve always thought of it as N. hedraeanthus var. luteolentus. It’s not much like the N. cantabricus var. foliosus (also pictured) or  the purer white N. cantab. monophyllus with which I am also familiar.
The two little hybrids that I’ve nicknamed ‘Greensome’ 2Y/G-Y and ‘Little Brat’ 2Y-Y are from N. asturiensis x N. bulbocodium, the flowers are just about 1inch (25mm& 28mm respectively) in diameter
and are on 3.5″ and 2″ stems respectively. They are 3 years from seed, their future, if any,  is unknown and unlikely to be on the show bench, but they might make nice little alpine pot plants if they have hybrid vigour. There are 4-5 more buds showing so I hope for something better in the next week or so.

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