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RHS Yearbook available

October 9, 2009

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  • Friends, the 2009-2010 RHS Daffodil Yearbook, is now available for purchase from ADS.  The price for the Yearbook ONLY, will be $24, and this will include postage in the USA.  International interests should purchase the Yearbook direct from RHS Publications, or contact the ADS ED for the increased cost of international shipping.  Those ADS members with “standing orders” for the book, will receive their copy automatically, and an invoice will be enclosed in the package.  Those ADS members that do not have a standing order arrangement, should contact me right away to reserve your copy.  Shipping of the Yearbooks will commence approximately mid-NOV.  A limited number of Yearbooks will be ordered, and sales will continue as long as the supply lasts. 
  • The Supplement to the Checklist, which has previously been included as a package order, when you bought the Yearbook thru the ADS Executive Director, is now available on line, at no charge, as a pdf.  Please see:

  http://www.rhs.org.uk/Plants/RHS-Publications/Plant-registers/Daffodils .  You may choose to purchase a hardcopy, direct from RHS Publications.

  • A review of the 09-10 RHS Daffodil Yearbook will appear in the upcoming DEC 09 ADS Daffodil Journal.


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