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Suburban Animal Tales

October 24, 2009

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Woodpeckers attacked our cedar siding and left some pretty good sized holes. A pack of squirrels found one, remodeled it to their specifications and moved in. Mary had company through the walls while she was in her little office next to our bedroom.
I directed an amateur attempt from the ground to oust them. (My days of hanging from the roof are past.) But we only succeeded in sealing one inside. It took him 3 days to get out. He went and got his friends and they moved back in.
That was a while back. We lived together amicably for a while, but last week Mary called The Rat Patrol, professionals at this sort of thing. After quoting a price that could probably buy all of the Oakwood Daffodils, Mitsch, and Cherry Creek new offerings for the year, they attached a small “triple Hav-a-Hart trap” over the hole. Next morning there were 3 juveniles in the trap, with others on the outside trying to either join them or get them out. You can see the result in the attached. As many as 9 have been caught in such a trap by The Rat Patrol at one time.
The Rat Patrol folks are also carpenters and will repair the holes. I think they would rather just remove the trap and wait until we call again. They charge $35 per trip above the other charges every time they come to remove a new catch … a potential money machine.
I asked where the youngsters would be be sojourning. They said, “Ask me no questions, …” and smiled.
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