autumn flowering daffodils

November 29, 2009

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To all,
A bit over a year ago, I planted some bulbs of N. cantabricus outdoors (northern Germany) in September/October 2008 and had a few blooming around March 2009.  Those same bulbs and some more that I planted only a few months ago are now sending up leaves and flower buds that look like they are going to blossom within the next one or two weeks.  We are having a very mild autumn with temperatures around 14 to 16 degrees during the day and around 4 to 6 degrees Celsius at night.  Is what I am observing “normal”? 
Niels Benatar

One response to “autumn flowering daffodils”

  1. Nancy Wilson says:

    Niels and All,
    I have two flowers of N. cantabricus in bloom now and another pot full of buds.  This is usual for me in Northern California.  We have had rain and night temps down to a slight frost.  Our weather has been mild as well.
    Nancy R. Wilson