Flooding in northwest England and southern Scotland

November 21, 2009

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Mary Lou,
Thank you for your thoughts.
I am in Ayr about 30 miles south of Glasgow.  Ayr has escaped the worst with no obvious damage.
My daffodils (and snowdrops) are at New Galloway 35 miles south of Ayr, in the local government area of Dumfries & Galloway. The area has been badly hit, but on the southern side of the Solway Firth, the lake district, particularly the west has taken a pounding, with the town of Cockermouth flooded.  There 12 inches or 300 mm of rain fell in 24 hours on Thursday into Friday morning.  One police officer lost his life when a bridge where he was directing traffic was swept away.
I left New Galloway on Wednesday afternoon to make sure I could get out for a hospital check on Thursday and I am glad I did so.  See the photo (woman and car) by Sally Butler at the link below.  The river Ken has taken to the road, about 600 metres from my property.  Luckily I am about 50 metres above the road with no chance of damage from rising water. Driving winds accompanied the heavy rain so many homes will have some water in under slates and doors.
Unless flowing water has eroded soil I expect the daffodils to survive, but it will be Tuesday before I can check things out.
Dumfries, Whitesands area, is pictured on the link (image 1).  Right in the town the area floods regularly and is the subject of much debate on flood protection schemes and number crunching. Businesses in the area have to operate without flood insurance and learn to live with it.  The Devorgilla Bridge, no longer used by traffic, spans the river Nith there.
George Norris,  Scotland 
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