George and Patty Bragdon

November 24, 2009

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Dear Friends in the Wonderful World of Daffnet…


Many of you have known George and Patty Bragdon from their many ADS Conventions and travels around the world. They were two of the founders of the Virginia Daffodil Society soon after moving to Richmond many years ago.  Unfortunately, time is catching up with them and they need for their friends to remember them at this time in their lives. 
Patty is having a full hip replacement tomorrow morning, Wednesday, November 25th and George is confined to the Health Care section of the retirement home where they are now living and requires around the clock attention.  Patty expects to be released from the hospital this coming Sunday and will be in rehabilitation and living in the same building where George is now confined for the next couple of weeks.
I hope that many of you around the world will join Betty and me in sending a card or note to Patty and George during the coming Holiday season.  I know they will appreciate it very much.  Their address is as follows:
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Bragdon
1940 Lauderdale Drive, Apt. 202
Richmond, Virginia 23238-3995
U. S. A. (for those of you living abroad)
Thank you for considering my request and happy daffodiling where ever you are.
Regards and all the very best,
Ross A. Hotchkiss
Richmond, Virginia

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